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#2023 Election: FG Speaks On Shutting Down Phone Networks, Online Transfer, Others 



The Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal Government has asked Nigerians to ignore reports that it plans to shut down telecommunication networks during the presidential election.

The government, through the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), asked consumers to ignore such messages.

In a statement to CityNews Nigeria on Thursday, Director Public Affairs of the NCC, Reuben Muoka, the commission described reports of plans to shut down the network as fraudulent and misleading information.

It stated that there is no plan to shut down all telecom networks and relevant ICT Units, including online transfer facilities of the banks.


The statement reads: “The Nigerian public, consumers of telecommunications services, and all bank customers are advised to ignore these or similar messages that insinuate deliberate network shutdown or disruption of services in the Nigerian telecom network.

“These malicious and subversive messages originated and are being circulated by fraudsters and unscrupulous elements in the society with the intent to cause chaos and panic among the populace.

“The Commission has received unequivocal assurances from all the service providers to the effect that all the network services are currently in optimal performance, and will not witness any deliberate shutdown or disruptions, especially at this very crucial period of general elections in the country.

“Therefore, all users of telecommunications and banking services utilizing network facilities are assured of continued optimal service delivery before, during, and after the general elections in Nigeria.”

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