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Major Gideon Orkar: The Young Officer Who Saw Tomorrow…



Following the unfolding of events in Nigeria, particularly under the leadership of president Muhammadu Buhari, it is becoming crystal clear that Orkar and his colleagues in the military were only prophetic and proactive, not rebels as was insinuated by the military junta.

It’s no longer news that the young officers that led the aborted coup in April, 1990, were focused, intelligent, decisive and futuristic. As a secondary School student, I could remember very well, when Major Orkar specifically pointed out some states in northern Nigeria that have become so notorious in propagating religious fundamentalism, hatred and ethnic supremacy, which to them, was inimical to National cohesion and the spirit of Unity as enshrined in the Constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Although the coup attempt was foiled; some of the leaders apprehend, court marshaled and subsequently killed, which major Gideon Orkar was among those who paid the supreme prize; germane issues raised in that coup broadcast by major Gideon Orkar are now manifestly reinforced by the government of Nigeria.



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For instance, before the general election, there were reported cases of killing of innocent citizens cut across the length and width of the country. Hardly you listen to news without reports of herdsmen, fulani jihadists, Boko Haram, ISAWP, Terror-bandits and Ansaru attacking, kidnapping and slaughtering human beings like chickens. All these started from the same states that were mentioned my the 1990 coup plotters. They have institutionalize killing of innocent citizens and made it look so simple in such that the victims are blamed for being killed. And any attempt for self defense is treated as treasonable felony by the jihadist inclined government of Buhari.

When election time table was released and election drew nearer, the massive killings subsided to pave the way for the islamifacist group to consolidate their plot to take over constitutionally. A clear indication that the killings in the country were, and are still controlled by the power that be. Their plans worked out well as calculated. The elections were manipulated using government machineries to thwart the hope of Nigerians.

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Immediately after elections, the genocide resumed in a full scale as people are being slaughtered daily like cows in abattoir. Between 1st March to 15th May this year, more than 250 Nigerians have been killed by the imported jihadists, often emasculated as herdsmen or unknown gunmen. The authorities are not claiming responsibility for their failure to protect the citizens, they have blatantly refused to accept they have failed, infact, Buhari has given himself distinction for performing beyond the set target. I believe this aberration can be tolerated only in the country of insanes that is governed by psychiatric patients.

Today is 33 years after that heroic coup attempt that was meant to liberate the indigenous people of Nigeria from ethno-religious colonialism, Nigeria still remain under siege; the people of the same region still remain the poorest after superintending over the massive oil wealth for over forty years out of 63 years of our Independence. I want to still emphasize that, it is very easy to kill a man who is driven by ideology, but his ideology can not be killed because ideas don’t die, they can only be rendered irrelevant with superior ideas. Major Orkar: you were killed but your ideas still remain fresh in our heart as far those things you mentioned continued to hunt us.


May your soul continue to rest in peace, my Hero.


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