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Tacha advices ladies to break up with any man who is always on their phone



Reality TV star Tacha, in a recent interview with Phyna, in Phyna’s popular spill with phyna podcast, has shared some insights on relationships.

She revealed a particular criteria that women should look out for if they want to end their relationships with their partners. She expressed that if you find out that every time you are with your partner, he’s always on his phone, that you should immediately break up with him.


She also have instances where you might be trying to talk to your partner and he’s extremely distracted and can even hardly answer you. Phyna also shared her own insights on that particular topic, stating that any man who is more interested in his phone more than you has the tendency to turn into an abuser.

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Recently, Tacha and Phyna had been in some controversial headlines after they both revealed that they had rejected monetary offers from men. It all started when Phyna revealed that she had rejected 5 million Naira from a fan who had walked up to her at an event. She disclosed that she had told the fan that she was willing to double the money and give to him.


Tacha also stated that she wholeheartedly believes Phyna while recounting an encounter she had two years ago in an event hosted by AY. She expressed that a man had also walked up to her to tell her that one of the guests at the event was willing to give her $20,000 which is the equivalent of over 20 million Naira currently. She also expressed that she had blatantly said no to the offer.

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Most recently, Kemi Filani had reported earlier today that Tacha had advised women to continue to explore other connections until the men they are with has put a ring on their finger.

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